Calgary Flames's Most Creative Alumnus, Theo Fleury, To Returns To Saddledome

Theo Fleury is a one man brand of awesome lately. It’s the hockey off season and this man is making sure to make headlines on a weekly basis for his efforts.  What am I talking about?  Well keep reading!

Tomorrow, Theo Fleury is returning to the Saddledome.  But he’s not strapping on his skates and helmet this time, he’s bringing his cowboy swagger to the Dome.  That’s right, tomorrow night Theo Fleury the country star is taking center stage at the Stampede as an opening act for Johnny Reid.

A few months ago, Flame For Thought featured his single “As The Story Goes” and now Fleury seems to be taking his off ice fame to a new level with more creative outlets.

On top of his work as an activist and advocate for protecting children from and helping survivors of sexual abuse, Fleury has managed to find time to build the Theo Fleury empire beyond hockey and book writing.  With his burgeoning music career being helped along with exposure at the Stampede tomorrow night, you’d think Fleury would take some time to himself, but nope he can’t just be awesome at hockey and sticking up for abuse victims.

On top of all of this great news, Fleury’s book, Playing With Fire has become a stage play and of course it has been like everything Fleury has attached himself to, incredibly successful.  It was announced recently that the book’s stage adaptation has been nominated for 5 Betty Mitchell Awards: Best Production, Best New Play, Best Direction, Best Male Performer, and Outstanding Set Design.

This stage production of Playing With Fire comes on the heels of the documentary that was released as a “behind the scenes” look at what Fleury goes through on a daily basis as a sexual abuse prevention activist.

Leave it to Theo Fleury to succeed where ever he goes.




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