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Calgary Flames Down-Lo November 26


While being interviewed by Eric Francis, Calgary Flame’s Head Of Hockey Operations, Brian Burke, said that he’d like to see Cam Ward start in net for Team Canada. After missing 10 games with a groin injury, Carolina Hurricane’s goalie, Cam Ward is finally back in net and doing well. With a save percentage of .918 and a GAA of 2.66, I think I agree with Burke. Price and Luongo are talented goalies, in my opinion, but I believe that Ward is one of the more underrated goalies in the league and it’s a shame he won’t be able to show his elite talents as a Canadian representative in Sochi because he wasn’t invited.

According to the Calgary Herald, TJ Galiardi has been dealing with back spasms lately and was helped off the ice on Monday during practice. Galiardi was examined today and then the Flames called up Chris Breen from Abbotsford. I’m guessing Galiardi will be on the IR soon.

I recently read on the TSN website that some ex-NHL players (including Curt Bennett, former Atlanta Flames player) are suing the league over the lack of warnings over concussions. They are claiming that they weren’t informed of the full risks involved regarding concussions. One thing that I’m almost certain of is that the final verdict will be the straw to break the camel’s back when it comes to discussions about whether or not to take fighting out of hockey. If the league is found guilty, say goodbye to fighting in hockey because it will be too much of a liability for the league from then on.

The last bit of Down-Lo that I have to share is that of the history-making deal between the NHL, Rogers, and the CBC that will allow the Canadian public to view more hockey on television over the next few years. In a 12 year, $5 billion dollar deal, Gary Bettman and executives from the companies involved held a press conference this morning to announce the big deal. They explained that Hockey Night In Canada will remain intact for at least another 4 years. They touched on the ideas of broadcasting hockey games, Don Cherry, and the HNIC brand, expressing the importance of each. The thing that stood out the most for me was when Keith Pelley, President of Rogers, stated, “I think it’s helpful that everybody tries to stop viewing this through traditional glasses…” This tells me that Pelley has some changes in store for the future of CBC’s broadcasts and maybe even Hockey Night In Canada. Maybe I’m just old-school, but I really hope that HNIC doesn’t change too much because I have always loved it just the way it is.

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  • Anar Saju

    I strongly believe that participating for the Olympics is like winning the Lotto 649; and it would have been awesome if Cam Ward would have been selected to netmind for Team Canada. His statistics (with a save percentage of .918 and a GAA of 2.66) are indeed profound.
    In terms of TJ Galiardi, it is unfortunate to hear about his recent setback – the reason for being on injured reserve (IR). A speedy recovery is anticipated for him; at least he was not involved in a fight!. Speaking of fights, they should be abolished in hockey because hockey is a professional sport and fighting makes it formidable. Secondly, the National Hockey League should not be responsible for the repercussions, particulary, if it has been the player’s decision to get involved in serious brawls. Inherently, all accidents have taumatic outcomes; and just like drinking under the influence, everyone has the cognitve competence to realize what they are getting into when indulging in dangerous habits – In light of this, NHL should not be in anyway liable for these unprecedented actions.
    With regards to the big collaborative deal, although Canadians will have the privilege of watching more games, hopefully decisions do not change after four years. Hockey has always been a sport for Canadians and it would be sad “if Pelley has significant plans after that period”. But more significant is the concern for our Canadian sportwriters and broadcasters, because if they were to lose their jobs as a result of this big deal, then it would be a big blow for every Canadian and hockey fan.

    • Traci Kay

      You have many valid points and I agree with almost all of them.

      I don’t think that fighting should be taken out of hockey. I believe that fighting is part of the game, but I agree with you that the league should not be held responsible for concussions endured in games.

      “everyone has the cognitve competence to realize what they are getting into when indulging in dangerous habits…” I completely agree. It is up to each and every player to understand, to the best of their abilities, what the risks are when they get involved with hockey, and then it is up to them whether or not they want to be part of it.

      Thank you for a great perspective and for commenting!