Calgary Flames Monday Roundtable: Free Agency, This Past Week

NEWARK, NJ - MARCH 25: Eddie Lack
NEWARK, NJ - MARCH 25: Eddie Lack /
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DENVER, CO – JANUARY 02: (L-R) Stefan and Amanda Hofmeister of Galgary, Alberta, Canada display a sign in support of Jarome Iginla
DENVER, CO – JANUARY 02: (L-R) Stefan and Amanda Hofmeister of Galgary, Alberta, Canada display a sign in support of Jarome Iginla /

Question 5: That being said, if there’s one player who’s still a free agent that you’d like to see come to the Calgary Flames, who would that be?

Jonathan Boulanger

Again, Jarome. What Flames fan doesn’t want him back? He is the best player in Flames history and the fit seems to be perfect. Pleaaaase Treliving!

Ian Gustafson

Like I said before JAROME IGINLA because he would provide leadership and he would jump start the team for a cup run.

Alex Hoegler

Mike Fisher would be a worthy gamble for the Flames. He’s an excellent two-way player who’s capable of scoring 15-20 goals a season, and can be effective in the special teams department. Fisher brings plenty of leadership and personality to his game, and I think Calgary should give him that one more chance at a championship.

Tomas Oppolzer

Jarome Iginla or Jaromir Jagr. Neither are likely or even sensible but damn would they be fun. With Iggy you’d get the old man, the face of the franchise coming back for one more kick at the can on a team that will likely make the playoffs and is probably even a contender in the West. With Jagr, you get the ageless wonder who, at 45, is still putting up around 40 points every season. Both are first ballot hall of famers and they would just help to make the season all the more special.

Dan Raicevich

Jarome Iginla. Bring the franchise’s greatest player back for one final push at Lord’s Stanley. He can play on the power play, as well as he played very well for the Kings after they freed him from that messy Avalanche in Denver.

Iginla’s best days are definitely behind him, but he would make a fit in the city he once called home.

Ramina Shlah

Of course this is a no-brainer for me — Jarome Iginla. I’m glad we’re all on the same page with our old Captain. With the Calgary Flames legitimately believing their contention window is open, it makes sense for him to come back to his old team where he could potentially go further than he has since he left Calgary. If you follow our Twitter account, you know just how much I want Iggy.

But also someone like Jagr would be fun. Imagine him on a line with Sam Bennett and Curtis Lazar. He’s older than both of those guys combined.

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That’s all in this week’s roundtable! Is there still a free agent available who you’d like to see be picked up by the Calgary Flames? And would you want Iginla back on the team?