Eric Nystrom Redux


I definitely have been a Nystrom fan for a couple of seasons now. He brings everything to the ice that Dave has described, but he also brings personality off the ice.

Let’s not forget that big league sports is also big league showbiz. In that regard, most NHL players fail with their constant stream of cliches and beige public persona’s. There are a few exceptions to the rule however, and Nystrom is one of those. If I was in charge of PR at Calgary Flames Intergalactic HQ, no players would be allowed to talk to the media except Craig Conroy and Nystrom. Maybe Iginla once a month or so. The rest of them have taken the advice of Crash Davis too seriously.

Eric Nystrom is an interesting, quotable guy who appears to be good-natured and amusing (who can forget this episode in Quad Cities). He’s a good public face for the team. And he plays his ass off every freakin’ night. And he’s cap friendly at $775K. For now.

At the end of the 09/10 season Nystrom becomes a UFA, meaning we’ve likely only got six games left with him in a Flames uniform. He has earned a pretty healthy raise in my opinion, and to date I have heard nothing about negotiations for a new contract. I’ll bet his agent is fielding calls from all corners of the league.

Despite all the positive traits he brings to the Flames, Eric Nystrom pretty much defines the “journeyman” genre. I see him playing for two or three more NHL squads before he’s done. And much like another former Flame named Mike Commodore that brought many of the same qualities to the team, Nystrom will probably get himself a Stanley Cup ring at some point.

Bummer. I’m gonna miss him.

PS: I never insult Dave’s mom. I tell the truth about Dave’s mom.

PPS: See you at the monkey bars Parky so you can kick my….HA HA HA HA HA HA…kick…HA HA HA HA….sorry, there is no way that ever happens peewee. *gives you a wedgie*