A Regular Day


As you may or may not know, this blog is being written by a group of guys who are not only Flames fans, but have been friends for 35 or 40 years. We have good chemistry (unlike the Flames) and share a common sense of humor.

I personally hope that this blog can retain the vibe of the email sewing circle that we’ve been maintaining for the last several years. What follows is a fairly typical example of how things roll out between us. It frequently gets weirder and funnier than this.


Well just when u thought it was safe to jump on another teams bandwagon the boys are back in it. Huge game tomorrow do or die this time for sure, will Jekyll or Hyde show up stay tuned. Really impressed with Backlund, and Kotalik has decided to play hockey finally. Now if Jarome can pick it up?

It’s a testament to just how shitty the Avs have been playing that the Flames can win two games and suddenly have a chance to jump back into eighth place.

Stajan was working hard last night, Bourque is terrific as always, Kipper is keeping us in this thing. But yes, if Iggy doesn’t wake up soon, it ain’t gonna happen.

Still not holding my breath, but if they can beat Colorado tomorrow night, they’ll have convinced me. Save me a seat on the bandwagon.

Cort (Canucks fan):
Yes … somebody definitely has to yell “IGGY!”

Flames last game of the season is against the …(insert drum roll) ….
Those assholes on the West coast…. no the other assholes, the Canadian

Aren’t they ALL assholes on the west coast?

(Except Drew and Cort. Of course.)

Drew (Flames fan living in Vancouver):
Thanks for the disclaimer Parky, but Cort’s pretty much an asshole…

I know you are but what am I? (wow, I just had major recess dejavu)

I believe Iggy doesn’t want to be here and it shows, he’s too classy to say I want out so let’s open the door for him. Also I don’t think he’s the brightest bulb on the tree.

Aboot Iggy, Bobby Clarke said pretty much the same thing as Gus yesterday.

Bobby Clarke is an asshole too, so Cort’s in good company.


Cort’s too harmless to be a true asshole. More of a little prick, really.

On another subject, anyone know what the hell happened to Ian White’s moustache? He had a serious 1970s Ron Jeremy ‘stache going, and then suddenly in the game against Washington, he looked like he only had a few days’ growth of general facial hair going. He decide to shave it to change his luck, or was he shamed into it by Craig Conroy’s mocking of it in a video on the Flames’ website? Thoughts, boys?

Canucks blow goats.

Swedish goats. Gersh gurndy morn-dee Kipper burn-dee, burn-dee ber da Sadee seesters.


Nobody really had any thoughts on White’s mustache because we were all too busy laughing at Cort’s phonetic Swedish.