Being an east coast fan…


Sometimes being an East Coast Flames fan is hard.  If I need to get up early I definitely do not get to see all of a Flames game.  Many times I will but often I see 2 periods at most.  It is hard not to look at the score and to go all day to try and see that final period.  Most days I tend to just look at the score and skip watching the third or whichever periods I missed.  I enjoy mornings like today when I wake up to a wonderful final score.

I am enjoying how the Flames are recovering this season.  I know that I have had a few discussions on twitter that people would rather that the Flames did not make this recovery.  I think it shows that the Flames are not as far off as everyone was feeling that they were appearing.  A few minor moves and this team is going for bear.  Every team still has an off night here or there but the Flames are much closer to the right path now.

With this weekend the Flames on display in the Heritage Classic I hope that others see this too.