Calgary Flames Best Fights of 2013


The best fights of the 2012-13 Calgary Flames season

First, let’s take a look at the two worst fights of the season brought to you by Minot, North Dakota native, Tim Jackman…

Jackman gets treated like a rag doll. All Prout in this one

Tim Jackman, you picked the wrong guy here. Reaves definitely was not the one who ran into you and it doesn’t help much that you got destroyed and still barking after getting dominated. Way to pick up the instigator too.

#10 – A pretty equal contest between Dallas Stars’ Antoine Roussel and the Flames’ Jarome Iginla. Both land about the same amount of punches but it always gets the Flames going when they see their captain drop the mits.

#9 – Jackman releasing some anger after being smoked by the Oilers 6-2 against Ryan Whitney. The fight is all Jackman and would be ranked higher if he would stop throwing bombs on a defenseless player.

#8 – Cammalleri never drops the gloves but he found an equal opponent in Kris Russell on April 25. The fight was a mix between wrestling and Mike unloading punches on the inexperienced Blues forward.

#7 – The Kings’ Kyle Clifford doesn’t land many on Tim Jackman in this fight, which looked more like a dance. Jackman, using his long reach, wins this easily.

#6 – Zack Kassian is a tough customer and doesn’t lose many fights. The two meet together behind the play and stay together for the whole contest. Props to Jackman for holding his ground and connecting with lots of punches.

#5 – Sarich doesn’t drop the gloves all that often. When he finally did on April 8, he found a much weaker opponent in Jan Hejda.

#4 – The young Cody Eakin tries to throw one early while Iginla is trying to take off his helmet. Eakin wastes too much energy at the beginning and eventually Iginla’s experience in fighting gives the captain an easy victory.

#3 – In Steve Begin’s first fight of the season, Jordin TooToo proved to be a tough challenger. A great fight between two veterans and TooToo suffered a bloody nose.

#2 – A true hockey fan appreciates a great fight like this one. Both guys trade blows for a good amount of time. No winner but a terrific tilt.

#1 – Brian McGrattan responds to the call from Vancouver fighter Tom Sestito and the veteran dominates the young forward the whole fight.

Did we miss one? What was your favorite fight? Let us know in the comments below…