Calgary Flames Hot Start to the Morning Vol 29


Could the NHL be the first major pro sports league to play in Las Vegas? Would you put watching the Calgary Flames on your to do list whilst in Sin City? Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Calgary Flames fans!

Here are the final tallies from the poll asking the Flame For Thought family how they thought Flames prospect Johnny Gaudreau’s season was going to unfold.  58% believe Johnny Hockey spends the full season with our Calgary Flames.  37% believe Gaudreau splits his time between the NHL and the AHL.  5% believe Mr. Gaudreau spends the entire season with the AHL Adirondack Flames.  Thanks for participating in the poll Flame For Thought’ers.

Speaking of participating, here is the direct link to Flame For Thought’s interview with Howlin’s Hockey (Arizona Coyotes) editor Catherine Silverman.

Late last night, Ladislav Smid was re-introduced to the Flame For Thought family.  The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers went 30 years never making a trade with each other.  Laddy Smid was the second such trade between the two clubs.  Do you remember the first trade between the two clubsIt was trade deadline day 2010 when defenseman Steve Staios was traded to Calgary from Edmonton.

One week after the Las Vegas Sun published an article named, “Is it finally Las Vegas’ time to get a major pro sports team?”, BC’s The Province has published an article named, “Gallagher: Bettman has changed his tune on NHL expansion“.  While the Las Vegas Sun article is aimed at acquiring a MLS team, the points the author brings up about why Las Vegas does not currently have a pro sports team are all valid and applicable to the NHL:

"• Gambling. Professional sports leagues traditionally have shied away from Las Vegas because of our sports books. The NFL has long snubbed its nose at our city for fear of fixed games, athletes gambling and fuzzy betting lines. Even if no actual funny business took place, the policing and PR needed to win over skeptics could get expensive.• Entertainment. Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World. There are dozens of shows, concerts and events to choose from any night of the year. Would people opt out of those in favor of a catching a game?• Population. We’re a big city, and a growing city, but we still are puny compared with most sports television markets. And TV contracts are what make franchises big money.• Scheduling. Ours is a 24-hour city with a huge number of hospitality workers, many of whom work nontraditional schedules. Since locals would make up the bulk of a team’s fan base, owners have worried potential fans would be tied up working and unable to attend games."

What are your thoughts about the NHL possibly putting an expansion team in Las Vegas?  Would you put watching a Calgary Flames game on your to-do list whilst in Sin City?

Have a great day Flames fans!