Calgary Flames Roster: Goaltender log-jam


On July 1st, the Calgary Flames announced Karri Ramo had been signed to a one year – 3.8 million dollar deal. This deal raises a few questions in peoples minds. Isn’t Ortio waiver eligible this year? Yes. Does that mean the Flames if nothing happens, have to test waivers with Ortio? Indeed.

So after just 15 games in the NHL, is it worth the risk to test the waiver wire with Ortio? Well, let’s look at the facts.

Ortio is a 24-year-old from Turku, Finland. In 15 NHL games so far Ortio has posted a .899 SV%, 2.52 GAA, equating to an 8-6 record. Not the most attractive numbers, but still promising.

A more realistic display of his potential can be seen from Adirondack. Posting a .912 SV%, 2.69 GAA, and in 37 games started, Ortio had a record of 21-13-1. Not too shabby for a guy who missed a better part of the season with a high ankle sprain.

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Why do I feel the need to spout statistics? They are relatively significant I feel, in relation to another situation somewhat related to this. The waiving of Jacob Markstrom with the Vancouver Canucks.

In this situation, Markstrom has Ortio bested across the board, posting: .934 SV%, 1.88 GAA. That should be enough to instill confidence in us testing the waiver market with Ortio, right?

Markstrom can be heralded as a legitimate #2 goaltender, with potential to play for a starting spot. Much like Ortio. But yet, when Markstrom was waived in the fall, no-one picked him up.

Perhaps Treliving sees this as motivation to sign Ramo to this deal. In my heart, I felt Ramo was the better goaltender this year. Hiller seemed inconsistent at times but was solid down the stretch. With Hiller, time is not on his side.

The 33-year-old net-minder has seen years of action, something our core needs. With the price tag of $4.5 million per, it’s tough to see how Treliving would move him – if that were the angle he was trying to play.

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Treliving has said nothing on this situation so far, leading us to believe that nothing will change.

Now we are in August, pre-season is right around the corner and soon enough – the regular season will begin.

Between now and puck drop in October I expect some changes. Although it may prove challenging to move Hiller with that hefty price tag, I say shop Hiller to the fullest extent. The one-two punch of Ramo, Ortio has potential to be menacing.

But, what does having that one-two punch show? Inexperience. Neither Ortio or Ramo are legitimate #1’s. Not to say that Hiller is either, but Hiller has years of experience under his belt and doesn’t shy away from big games. Excluding game one against the Ducks in the playoffs.

In a perfect world, we hold on to Hiller, Ramo, Ortio – relegating Ortio to the AHL to play in our newly named farm team in Stockton, California. Testing the waiver wire might seem risky, but I think it would prove to be best for everyone.

My personal thoughts on the Ramo signing? I think Treliving wants Ramo longer term than the contract shows. An extension longer than one-year would be irresponsible, mostly due to the large pool of goalie prospects we have amassed (Gillies, MacDonald, Ortio). As for right now, we have three goaltenders who think they’re playing the NHL next year.

Something needs to change.

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