NHL Draft retrospective: A look back on the No. 9 overall pick

Calgary Flames, NHL Draft
Calgary Flames, NHL Draft / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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Too early to tell - Nate Danielson (2023) and Matthew Savoie (2022)

The past two drafts have been very deep, and with the calibre of prospects that Matthew Savoie and Nate Danielson are, the Flames would be incredibly happy to have this level of talent in their organization. Both Danielson and Savoie were highly thought of prospects heading into the draft, with both putting up over a point per game in the WHL in the season since being drafted.

The Flames would end up landing Samuel Honzek a year ago after Danielson was drafted, and while he’s a solid prospect, he simply isn’t thought of in the same category as these two. Obviously, neither of these two have yet made it to the professional level, but when they do, the expectations are high, and whether or not they pan out, if the Flames can get a player with this type of hype, at the very least, it will give the fans optimism as the rebuild/re-tool continues.