Ranking the Calgary Flames needs this off-season

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A trade partner for Jacob Markstrom

This one goes hand-in-hand with another entry on this list, but after what happened during the 2023-24 season when Jacob Markstrom was told he was being traded, his play declined at a rapid rate. The team had a deal done to send him to New Jersey, but ultimately it was ownership that nixed a deal, but with Dustin Wolf emerging towards the end of the season, they need to finally pull the trigger on a deal.

In the post-season, we saw teams like Toronto, Los Angeles and Colorado struggle with goaltending, and given that the Flames are likely looking to acquire more draft capital moving forward, the framework of a new deal shouldn't be too hard to put together. With the draft upcoming, the Flames have a fantastic opportunity to unload a veteran and get another high leverage draft pick back in return,