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Game Preview: A Rally Cry For The Flames

So what feels like the hundredth time this month, the Calgary Flames are taking on the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale.  Truthfully this is the third match up between the two teams, the previous two had the Flames walking away with one point after dragging the Coyotes to the shoot out.

What does this game tomorrow night for the Flames?  Well, for starters they need to start walking away with two points, not one, and certainly not zero.  In the last three games, Flames walked away with two points.  Phoenix and the Philadelphia Flyers went all the way to shoot out with the Flames and the St. Louis Blues knocked them over 3-1 Monday night.

The Flames over the past two weeks have bounced about from 12th to 8th, never really securing their place.  With a full two points, the Flames will not move out of their 11th place position, but they will put more distance between them and the Minnesota Wild.  Currently the Flames are 3 points behind Dallas, Colorado, and LA.  Yes, three teams are at 70 points filling in the 8th, 9th, and 10th place position.  Flames have 67 points at 11th.  Both the Flames and Dallas only have 63 games played while LA and Colorado are at 64.

Flames are in a very precarious position.  With only 19 games left in the regular season, 38 points are still fair game for the Flames.  They need to step it up and snag as many of those points a possible.  It’d be heart breaking to see them miss the playoffs by two points or worse one point. One game that should have been taken care of during regulation.  One game that the Flames were lazy and let soft goals in.

Tomorrow’s game against the Coyotes needs to be the start of something great.  Something the fans haven’t seen yet.  Flames have to start playing with the passion a few players have sporadically shown, but everyone needs to catch that spark.  Let tomorrow night’s game be the start of something new.

Go Flames Go!

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