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Game Recap - Calgary Flames Visit Edmonton Oilers Dec 7


With a few of the team members hit by the flu bug, the Calgary Flames traveled north to take on the Edmonton Oilers.

It took a while for the Flames to get their skating legs going and the first period was a mess with pushing, shoving, and a few scuffles. The Calgary team looked tired and could barely keep up. It was obvious that some of the team members were not feeling well.

Smid took a puck to the neck as he blocked a shot on the Flames net and he instantly went down. The highlight of the night was when he got back up, pulled the puck out of his jersey, and skated away. Yes, Smid is a warrior and these are the reasons why I’m learning to like him as a defender so much.

Not long after, Stempniak took the bull by the horns and scored the first goal. Blair Jones got a little feisty with one of the Oilers and was sent to the box to end the first period.

The Flames killed off the roughing penalty to start the second period. Other than some of the borderline-penalties that were called on the Flames and the lack of calls on the Oilers, the rest of the period was relatively uneventful.

As predicted by every other Flames game, the team found their second wind late in the third period and put some pressure on the Oilers net, only to have the Oilers fight back and score a goal with barely 10 seconds left in the game. Yes, because of a goal by Taylor Hall, the Oilers and the Flames went into overtime.

Backlund was definitely the star player of OT as the Flames fought with everything their beaten, flu-ridden bodies would allow. Hudler scored the OT winner and the Flames were victorious with a final score of 2-1.

My 1 Star

Juri Hudler. After being flown into Edmonton on a separate flight, doing all he could during the game, and scoring the game winning goal in overtime, Hudler is the epitome of what a real hockey player is all about. Instead of laying in bed and watching the game on tv, he packed his gear, got on a plane, and met up with his teammates to do what he could and, in the process, became the hero of the night in OT.

The Flames next game is back at home, in Calgary, on Tuesday, December 10, when they take on the Boston Bruins at the Saddledome. Even though it will be televised, I haven’t missed a Bruins game at the Dome in years, so I will be at that game.

We will be welcoming Jarome Iginla back to Calgary for the first time since he was traded to the Pittsburg Penguins last season and I’m really looking forward to seeing him on our home ice again – even if it is for the opposing team. I will always be an Iggy fan!

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