Ugly Win Against an Ugly Team!


Well…we won, it was not pretty but we got the job done. But lets be completely honest if you aren’t beating the Maple Leafs this year, unless you are Carolina, you better be hanging your head in shame. I say the best team in the AHL right now, Rochester Americans, could give the Maple Leafs a run for their money. “The Monster”, Jonas Gustavsson, was a siv with a 0.400 save percentage, the only person chasing that number is Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins…wow. In all fairness though I would say the only period we outplayed the leafs was the third, and that was just so it wouldn’t be a long and quiet plane ride home with Mr. Sutter. At the end of the day the two guys you need to step it up when times are tough did… Jarome and Kiprusoff. Kipper played amazing and had the Flames been playing any other team the score could have been easily reversed. And Iginla seems to be finding his stride with 2 goals last night, and 5 in his last 5 games. Jokinen, on the other hand needs to wake his ass up. Come on man 2 goals all season?? What the hell did you do in the off season? Last night he had an assist, (second assist on the play), and a fight… how productive. Having played 5 of their last 6 games on the road and having 5 wins and 1 shootout loss in that time is definitely a sign that this team is finding their game. But I don’t think it is quite their yet. And I really liked the way the players responded to their win in Toronto last night, they new they did not play very well and that they relied on their goaltender to much. Where in past years they would have been happy about the win… this year even the players are holding some accountability for their efforts not just the coaches… good signs indeed.

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