Terrible Week For The Flames


Well it has been nothing short of a disappointing week for the Flames. The game against the Avalanche I thought they played decent… but come on guys decent doesn’t cut it in the NHL! Especially when you are battling for #1 in the Northwest division! A couple nice plays got the Flames back in front in the second period, only to quickly give it all up shortly thereafter. I mean give it to the Avalanche they played a very good defensive game, getting in the lanes and blocking a lot of shots, and capitalizing on their offensive opportunities. The flames need to WANT it more! So you, like I, were probably thinking “okay so we lost a close one against the Avs, but I bet the Flames are going to come out ready to play against the Hawks”. Fast Forward to Thursday… and the most demorilizing loss since the last time the Flames played the Blackhawks. I could only find one bright spot in the game and that was the fact that Jokinen finally scored! Way to be a difference maker Ollie. The Flames penalty kill was non existent. Letting in 4 power play goals is shameful. It seems to me lately that the Flames Defense has had trouble or lack of interest with clearing out the front of the net. Too many of the goals in the last two games have been the result of second chance point blank opportunities, the Flames as a team need to be more involved defensively, the goals will come(especially now that Jokinen is back! insert sarcasm) but they need to be more commited to keeping the puck out of their own net, and cutting back on nonsense penalties. I really don’t want to dwell on these 2 losses too much as I dont believe they are indicative of the Flames ability. They have a game this afternoon at 2pm MST against the Kings… lets see if they can save face.