Iginla’s Trick Trumps Kings


The puck dropped to start the game and not 30 seconds later, Jarome Iginla had his 13th goal of the year. After that the Flames pretty well owned the first period, with Jokinen and Phaneuf ringing shots of the bar. It was good to see this team come out with a sense of urgency… coach probably told them if they don’t play like a bunch of dumb-asses, they can go enjoy the beach after the game.

After a well played first period come to an end… Flames fans every where were waiting for the collapse in the second period. And of course, it came. LA scored at the 3 minute mark of the game and less than a minute later the ice cold Frolov got himself on the score sheet.  Fuck, I’m still waiting for the day the Flames can prove me wrong and finally put together a solid 3 periods of play. Sutter quickly called a time out, thank god, and Iginla scored his 14th goal of the year on a 2 man advantage from a brilliant feed by Bouwmeester. So, second period ends, game is tied, which team is going to come out in the third? Boys? or Men?

I hated the fact that Iginla took 2 stupid minor penalties in a tight third period. Come on man! You were having an amazing game, you were a monster out there, don’t be taking stupid penalties that is going to shift the momentum to the Kings. Anyway, on one of Jarome’s penalties Langkow scored a short hander, which ended up being the game winner. Nice to see Langkow pull some weight. Although Iginla took a couple stupid penalties in the third he also scored his 9th career hattrick goal, so we will call it even Jarome. And finally to cap off a masterful third period David moss had his first goal in 10 games to break the slide. Overall I was quite impressed with how the Flames came out to play in this game, they could have easily put there tails under their legs and walked away quietly in the third period, but they stayed there and made sure they set an example of how this road trip will be… hopefully.

Tonight: Flames play the Ducks