CBC: A Dying Canadian Tradition


Hockey Night in Canada is a Saturday tradition for Canadians across the country, unfortunately CBC is killing it for half of us. No one cares more about Eastern Canadian teams than the CBC, yeah that includes you Jim Balsillie. The average number of Saturday games for American teams is 21. The average number of Saturday games for Eastern Canadian teams is 24. Average number of Saturday games for Western Canadian teams is 17. So Western Canadian teams on average have 4 less Saturday games then the American teams. And 7 less games then the Eastern Canadian teams. Does that not seem a little bit fishy how the league just so happened to schedule more games for Eastern Canadian teams then Western Canadian teams, don’t tell me for a second there is no deal between the CBC and the league, it becomes very clear once you dig a little bit. What this all results in is a lot more coverage by the CBC for their beloved Eastern Canadian teams. The CBC magically broadcasts 23 more games in total for Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal then it does for Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Does that seem fair? Does that seem like balanced Canadian broadcasting? Both questions a monkey could answer for you: NO! Not to mention the fact that CBC covers 100% of the worst Canadian team’s games: Toronto. Are you kidding me? I would rather watch a game in the AHL, OHL, WHL, QMJHL, fuck I would rather go watch a pickup game at the local outdoor rink then watch the terrible Toronto Maple Leafs. Yet the CBC insists on making them a staple to the “Canadian” diet. To cap it all off when the CBC does get around to covering  a Western Canadian team (heaven forbid it is against an Eastern Canadian team) , it is like watching Fox News report on Barack Obama, the bias is so obvious it is embarrassing, completely despicable “Canadian” broadcasting.

So, CBC, change your Hockey Night in Canada broadcasting, make it more CANADIAN! Or get the fuck off the air.

That is all.