December Drought for the Flames


Wow… how bad are the Flames this December? Just terrible, after coming out of November looking like one of the teams to beat, they have proven to me, and fellow Calgarians that this is probably another early playoff exit team. In December they have won 3 games and lost 6. They need a Christmas break like Gary Bettman needs a heart attack. They have looked very uninterested in winning since December began. In November their problem was that they would play hard for all but 5-10 mins of the game, and in that time they would give up a few goals, in December their problem is that they play hard for about 5-10 mins of the game and still expect to win. I don’t care that you guys are all making the big bucks, and at the end of the day going to the arena is like going to the office, you have a job to do, so do it. To be honest Kipper is the only guy I can say is playing with any sort of consistency.

I was at the Nashville game yesterday, 2p.m. afternoon start… that was weird, funny thing was the tickets were printed for 5 o’clock so there were a bunch of angry people showing up with about 10 mins left in the third period. How pissed off must they have been? Getting in their cars to go to the game, tuning into The Fan 960 for the pregame show, only to realize that they are listening to the third period…. call me an ass but its a little bit comical being on the otherside of the fence for once. To be honest they did not miss a whole lot. I was sitting with my friend and near the beginning of the second period I looked over to him and said “Dude have you even noticed Iginla out there?”. Before he can respond Iginla absolutely snipes one past Dan Ellis. After that point Iginla was one of the only players that was fighting for a win. I’ve always thought that was Iginla’s problem, if he is in a little dry spell for points, he is so invisible, until he scores a goal or an opposing player is laying the body on him. If he has no reason to get fired up he won’t.

Dear Santa:

I realize it is an 82 game season, and that there will be ups and downs. But all I want for Christmas is consistency for the Calgary Flames. Is that too much to ask? I know it might be a bit of a stretch but come on you can deliver Christmas miracles!


Frustrated Flames Fans World Wide

p.s. can you give Craig Conroy a goal please? Even if it is an empty net goal. Thanks!!