We’re Gonna “Run the Table!”


And now for something completely different.  The other side of my split personality.  The manic side.  The kid in me that loves this game.  The 15 year old kid that snuck into the Corral with “Parky”to see Game #6 vs. the Flyers.

This is AWESOME as we are BACK.  Ok, so maybe last weeks game against the Detroit Red Wings was “the biggest game of the year.”  But “Hey Lady Luck, fancy meeting you in a place like this!”  We have another shot.  Tonight vs. the Avalanche.  Who are in decline.  Against the Mighty Calgary Flames , who are, well..playing .500 again!!

This is epic.  Tonight’s the night.  This will be a historical game on so many levels.  For so many reasons.  I CANNOT friggin’ wait for game time.  I’ve queried “Play it again sports” so many times I’ve got blisters on my fingers.”  Ok, so it’s last years teams, but whatever.  If you run the sim enough times, you’ll come up with “You Can Put It In The Win Column.”  Oh, Peter Maher.  Sweet serenader of all things Holy.  How I long to hear you shout that phrase. Please Lord Stanley, guide his golden plica vicalis to proclaim those words so comforting.

Dudes, one last time:  This game is HUGE!  And I’m stoked to paralysis.

Iginla is right.  We need to run the table.  But not really.  We must win tonight.  Then hope that we go the rest of the way one game over .500.   And hope that “they” go the rest of the way 1 game below .500.  Both teams face “quality opponents” .   This has become unbelievably believable.

Dude, I’m stoked.  And I know I will be back later this evening to give offerings to the Mighty Maher, and appeal to the rioters on The Red Mile.

This time I mean it:  Go. Flames. Go.