Four Games to Go


With four games remaining, Calgary is back in contention for a playoff spot. Tomorrow we face the Hawks, then it’s the Sharks, Wild and Canucks. If I were a betting man, I’d bet on a split which leaves us with 93 points.

The Flames are on a three game winning streak. The Avs have lost four and have a game in hand. Extended winning and losing streaks are not that common, so I’m looking at Colorado winning at least a couple of their final five games against the Sharks, Canucks, Oilers, Hawks and Kings. Smart money says they can beat Edmonton and LA. Maybe Chicago, but I doubt it. So that would leave them with 93 points too.

Problem is that when there’s a points tie, the breaker is total wins. If Colorado wins two more games they have 43 wins. If the Flames win two more, they have 42 leaving them in ninth place with six months of navel gazing and/or turmoil until the 10/11 season kicks off.

The regular season ends for Calgary one week from today. It’s going to be an interesting week.