This King Is Not Worth The Crown


With the end of the season rapidly approaching, the Calgary Flames have a major decision to make very soon. Whom do they name their next full time general manager? The consensus should be interim GM Jay Feaster however rumours are suggesting that President Ken King wants the title of GM. I say he doesn’t deserve it.

Now before I get ahead of myself, Ken King has done some good things for the Flames. He led them out of a terrible financial situation in the early part of the 2000s. He made some strong hires within the front office. He oversaw a transformation of  a hockey team that was floundering to Stanley Cup contender. He gave the fans hope and re-energized a fan base that was apathetic at one time. Flames fans are now some of if not the most passionate fans in the NHL. Ken King deserves a lot of credit for that.

But he SHOULD NOT be the GM of the hockey club. He has no experience in player development, evaluating talent, making trades, or signing free agents. That was Darryl Sutter‘s job for many years and now it should be Feaster’s job.

Ken King in my opinion has let his ego go too far and he thinks he’s the reason the Flames had any success at all. Mr King, look on the ice. There are two players who are largely responsible for any success the Flames have had the last 8 years. Their names are Jarome Iginla and Mikka Kipprusoff.

Jay Feaster has experience with the duties of GM and even won a Stanley Cup in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Lightning while performing these duties. Feaster should be given the opportunity to do the same for the Flames.

I know Ken King loves this hockey team and feels very strongly about the city of Calgary. But he is best served to oversee the operations of the club not run the day to day hockey functions. Please Mr King do not name yourself the GM. The fans and the franchise deserves better!