No No No, Jaromir Jagr Signing To The Calgary Flames WILL Stay A Rumor


Watching the trade rumors and free agency signing swirl around Twitter and the blogs gives me agita.  It makes me worked up about moves that are never going to happen, but I also worry that Jay Feaster is trolling these places to get ideas.  Because I swear that is the only way the Calgary Flames could have ended up in the positions that they have in the past.

The latest rumor?  Free agent Jaromir Jagr to sign with the Calgary Flames.  For those of you who know me, H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NO!  This is not happening.

No, I don’t have a problem with the fact that Jagr is a former Pittsburgh Penguin, Washington Capital, and Philadelphia Flyer (two divisional rivals and a fan rival for my other team).  Congratulations, have fun with him.  Don’t give me Jagr on any of my teams.  I nearly cried when the New York Rangers signed him and I will cry if the Calgary Flames follow suit.

My two main problems with Jagr?

One, his off ice life always seemed to take priory to his game.  It seemed when he was in NYC, there was always a report about him being out at a casino or a bar hanging out.  Look have a life, but come on!  Have some sense of timing.  Jagr’s gambling was legendary.  Had he devoted half the amount of time he did into his casino adventures, imagine what his already impressive stats could have been.  As a professional athlete, I want to be the best damn player out there.   I don’t care if my contract is shored up for 5 years, I want those endorsements.  I want the records.  I’m not letting anything get in my way.  Let the off season be a chance to play.

And reason number two?  You’ve been gifted with this body, use it!  At 6’3″, 240lbs, Jagr is an unmovable force.  But the guy doesn’t get in to the corners, he doesn’t defend the puck.  He’s afraid to hit.  Yes, in his some what old age, this physical style of play is not possible, but his time with the Rangers, where I remember him the most?  Why wasn’t he throwing around that backside? I’m sorry, but it’s HUGE!  That thing could do some damage.

Look the Flames have just hired a coach who specializes in pulling out the best of young players, they already have enough veterans to qualify for senior discounts.  There’s no reason to have  Jagr on the roster at this point. His ego won’t let him take a smaller contract and the money should go to improving the roster, not putting big names out on the ice at the Dome.

Please let this rumor die, let Jagr retire and let the Calgary Flames grow.

Go Flames Go!