Calgary Flames Going Through The Hardest Part Of A Rebuild


Photo Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Being a Calgary Flames fan is tough right now. Five shutouts in seven games is enough to make anyone shake their head with disappointment.

Yet, I saw effort and chances that maybe a lot of other people missed. Am I delusional? Possibly. Am I sticking my head in the sand? Maybe. But I have been a Flames fan for far too many years to give up on my favorite team during one of the most trying times in the history of the Flames franchise.

The first two goals scored by the St. Louis Blues in the first period weren’t enough to get me too worried at the beginning of the game. But the defensive breakdown was. When the offensive team didn’t show up, then I got a really concerned. But the guys battled on into the second period.

The Flames had more chances in the second period, closing the gap of shots on net by a large margin. The Blues doubled the Flames in shots on net in the first – 6 for the home team and 12 for the visitors. By the end of the second period, shots on net looked much better – Calgary 21, St. Louis 22 – proving that the Flames didn’t roll over and play dead. They never do. The Flames had 33 shots on net throughout the entire game.

Another lost game, another shutout. With a score of 5-0, the guys will have to dig deep and find a way out of this rut. But it IS possible.

As Bob Hartley explained on Flames TV, these games have a “lingering effect” on everyone involved in the Flames organization. The players “confidence is minimal” and they “need to keep going.” Hartley believes that all these “speedbumps” will make for a stronger team throughout the process.

Lance Bouma, who had more than one chance at scoring but just couldn’t deliver, seems cautiously optimistic. He understands the value of the team by stating that they need to “find a way to battle through this and stick together…no negative thoughts.”

Mike Cammalleri said that they need to be “more honest with [themselves] about what we need to do better,” but they will “take…guidance and try to get better.” He also gave props to the fans, saying they have been “supremely supportive.”

Because that’s what we do as Flames fans – we support our team through the good, the bad, and the ugly. And this is definitely the ugly part.