Calgary Flames News And Info


Photo Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Cundari has been sent to the Chicago Wolves in exchange for Corey Locke. Cundari was aquired by the Flames (along with Reto Berra) as part of the deal that sent Jay Bouwmeester to the St. Louis Blues. Locke has 25 points in 36 games, while Cundari has 10 points in 32 games for the Abbotsford Heat this season.

Sean Monahan’s alter ego on twitter, @boringmonahan, has been the talk of the team lately it seems. The Calgary Sun wrote an entire article outlining the fake account, including thoughts from some of the other team members. Bringing suspicions to the forefront, Monahan has been wondering if maybe someone in the locker room is behind the twitter facade. Monahan himself has said it doesn’t really bother him too much that he has a parady account.

Apparently, the Flames are monitoring the twitter account, and have said that it’s fine as long as it stays clean. I like the account because there hasn’t been one tweet that hasn’t conjured at least a chuckle out of me. It’s always good when players and their fans can see the lighter side of things.

Brian Burke has created minor waves again when he had recently mentioned that he’s not happy with the fine on Bob Hartley for his role in the debacle in Vancouver while playing the Canucks. As reported by the National Post, Burke was giving a speech to sports law students at the University of Calgary when he said, “we all know the Canucks started it.”

My opinion on Burke’s antics is that I believe it’s about time someone sticks up for this team and its’ members. The Flames have been at the bottom of the standings, and the target of a lot of pity, in the past few seasons and not a lot of people have come to their defence. Burke seems to hold all players accountable for their role on the team and their own actions. Burke has proclaimed in the past to stick up for his players, and I like the commitment he has to his teams.

Hopefully the players will see that someone is finally on their side and maybe they can gain some confidence from that. At this point, I’m willing to try almost anything to get this team out of the multi-year slump they’ve been in.