International Players, Smid and Berra, Return To Calgary Flames


Photo Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Ladislav Smid and Reto Berra have returned from Sochi, Russia to rejoin the Calgary Flames. Even though neither player got a chance at an Olympic medal, they both seemed very happy with the experience.

Smid said, on the Flames website, that it was a “dream come true” to be able to represent his country in the 2014 Olympics. Smid also mentioned that the ice surface is bigger in international play, which means they have to change the way they play, defensively.

Berra said it was a “great experience” even though he was the backup goalie and only played one game. Berra also mentioned the bigger ice surface, but said that, once he came home and practiced with the Flames, he got right back into the smaller ice dimensions.

Both players seem to have enjoyed their time in Russia and mentioned that they got the chance to meet other athletes and take in other sports with their international teammates.

Smid summed up his time in Sochi by saying, “I’m glad I went through it.”

And now it’s back to representing their NHL team, the Calgary Flames on Thursday, February 27th, when they take on the Kings.

Go Flames!