Brian Burke Talks Olympics, Cammalleri Extension, and Trade Deadline


Photo Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Calgary Flames Head Of Hockey Operations and interim GM, Brian Burke had an interview with Flames Radio where he discussed many things, including conditions in Russia and Team USA men’s hockey. Burke also touched on the significance of the Tavares injury on the future of pro hockey in the Olympics and he went on to talk about the trade deadline.

Burke was impressed with the venues in Russia as well as how smoothly things seemed to have been managed. He also mentioned Team USA and their actions on the ice. He gave big props to Jonathan Quick for his focus on stopping the puck. As for what happened against Team Canada and Team Finland, Burke said, “we got derailed” and seemingly couldn’t get back on track. As for the trade freeze, Burke admitted that he was working in spite of the freeze and he believes there will be “significant movement” before the trade deadline. As for the topic of Mike Cammalleri, Burke confirmed that Cammy was given an extension offer, but he won’t even attempt to predict what will happen by the deadline.

Does Brian Burke upset people with some things he says? Sometimes, yes, but who doesn’t. When you have an opinion, you also need to believe in what you say and Burke is one of the few people who sincerely believes in what he says. It’s easy to have an opinion, but sometimes it’s hard to back up those opinions – Burke defends his opinions with actions.

In a sports world full of people always wanting answers and guarantees, Burke knows exactly what needs to be said and what doesn’t. Instead of making promises that go unanswered, as he easily could have done in terms of the Cammalleri extension, he was honest and said he wasn’t going to make any predictions. He did his part by giving the option of an extension, and anything beyond that is out of his hands.

Burke makes no apologies for what he says because he stands behind every word, and rightfully so. Regardless of whether or not you agree with him, it’s hard to not respect someone for standing up for themselves. I believe in what Burke says because he doesn’t make empty promises and he always backs up his words with actions. Do I always agree with what he does or says? No, not always. But, in one way or another, he always seems to deliver on every word that is said.