Trade Rumors From Around The NHL


Photo Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There are three days left and there is no lack of speculation among all hockey fans. There’s plenty of interest and rumours flying around the internet about some of the top trades and potential trades before the deadline hits on March 5th. Keeping in mind that all this is speculation right now and no official statements have been released, here’s a look at some of the FanSided stories…

Pens Labyrinth takes a look at the idea of the Pittsburgh Penguins potentially acquiring the forward Ryan Kesler from the Vancouver Canucks. There has been talk of Kesler wanting to get out of Vancouver, but he denies the accusations. Regardless, the rumors are out there and we feel the need to address them. Johnny Feulner points out the good and bad about the potential trade including placement and cap hit.

Pucks And Pitchforks weighs in on the rumour that Martin Brodeur has waived his no move clause. The rumors are flying that Brodeur may be on his way to the Minnesota Wild. As David Garrison explained, it will be a very emotional goodbye if these rumours come to pass bc most of us grew up in the Brodeur era and just can’t picture another goalie in place of one of the greatest all-time goalies to ever grace New Jersey ice.

Bolts By The Bay addresses the Martin St. Louis issue. With the rumor surfacing that St. Louis has requested a trade, Tampa Bay Lightning fans have taken notice of the other rumor, that St. Louis could be involved in a trade with the New York Rangers for Ryan Callahan.

The only trade rumor that has been proven to be true is that of Ryan Miller being traded. Bleedin Blue takes a look inside the Ryan Miller trade after weeks of speculation. No one knew exactly where Miller would go, but we all finally found the answer when he was traded to the St. Louis Blues along with captain Steve Ott. In their place, Jaroslav Halak and Chris Stewart will be taking a place on the Buffalo Sabres roster. As explained on the Bleedin Blue website, “Miller Time has officially expired” in Buffalo.

And now, on the edge of the trade deadline, the players are doing their part while the management teams are working behind the scenes to do their parts as well.

Personally, I’ve been checking my phone as often as possible lately for trade alerts, my television is automatically set to sports broadcasts, and I carry my laptop with me everywhere I go (including the rink) because I never know when the Calgary Flames or any other team will make a trade announcement.

With Brian Burke at the helm of the Flames ship, I know that nothing is off-limits and he will do everything in his power, no matter how shocking, to create the best possible team for Calgary. I’m on the edge of my seat in the stands and I’m constantly on high alert as I wait for March 5th.