Kevin Westgarth Sent To Calgary After Fight With Luke Gazdic


Photo Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday night, the Calgary Flames took on the Edmonton Oilers in another Battle of Alberta that ended in a Flames win after Sean Monahan scored the game winning goal in overtime. The match-up is now tied at two wins per team. The deciding game will be on March 22nd and will break the tie.

During Saturday’s game, Kevin Westgarth, part of the Flames “grit line,” engaged Luke Gazdic in a fight that ended up with scary results. Westgarth threw the first few punches, but it didn’t seem to deter the Oilers tough guy. Gazdic threw some hard rights in response to the first few jabs. They wrestled around for a few seconds as their teammates stood out of the way, hoping for the best. The refs circled, ready to step in at any moment.

And then Gazdic landed a few good shots on Westgarth’s jaw that seemed to shake the Flames big guy. Westgarth seemed to slow down a bit, landing a couple more soft punches before Gazdic threw one last blow that knocked him to the ice.

For as much as Gazdic’s punches affected Westgarth during the fight, it was the fall to the ice that had the biggest impact on the outcome. When the Flames tough guy fell to the ice, he landed directly on his back and slammed his head on the ice.  Kevin Westgarth was taken to the dressing room, not to return to the game, and he was sent home for further evaluation, according to the Flames website. He will not join the club in Minnesota on Monday night for the game.

Here is the fight video  and it’s obvious that part of the Flames grit will be out of the line-up for a while after this one.

Get better soon, Westy!

Go Flames!