Brian Burke Press Conference


Photo Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that the fate of Mike Cammalleri is up in the air right now on the brink of the trade deadline. What we don’t have are answers or even a direction as to the events that may play out before tomorrow afternoon. Yet, we are hungry for information and, as a lot of others, I was stationed in front of my computer for the Burke press conference just a short while ago.

Brian Burke opened by apologizing to everyone because he stated that there wasn’t a lot of new information to share. So he went on to further repeat what has mostly already been said.

He reiterated the idea that no one on the Calgary Flames team is considered “untouchable,” citing that if Wayne Gretzky can be traded then anyone can. He further explained himself by saying that if the Flames were offered 10 first-round picks for a player like Sean Monahan or Mark Giordano, then they’d have to consider a trade of that nature.

Burke also dealt with the impending deadline saying, “I like buying a lot more than I like selling.” Burke also admitted that this season they are a selling team, even though, looking to the future, he replied, “I hope to be up here in a year talking about buying players rather than selling players.”

I believe there’s a good future ahead of the Calgary Flames organization, and Burke might just be the guy to head that change. For now, I have just over 24 hours to sit back and wait to see what happens until the 3pm EST trade deadline hits tomorrow afternoon.

Go Flames!