Calgary Flames Get Slammed With Bad Calls


Photo Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It was a disaster in officiating as the Flames were downed by the Coyotes on Saturday night in Glendale.

One or two questionable calls are almost expected in each game, but when the officials are calling ridiculous roughing and unsportsmanlike conduct calls in the last minutes of the game for plays that are highly debatable, it leaves the team demoralized while the fan base remains agitated and angry. Needless to say, I’m not happy about the outcome of the game.

The Calgary Flames put their heart and soul into every game recently and to be battered with ridiculous calls all night long is a fight that they don’t need to deal with. They have enough to overcome during the hardest part of a rebuild. The Flames wear their hearts on their sleeves during each game, so if they’re going to take penalties, they’ll make it worth it. Saturday night’s reffing was atrocious to say the least.

Granted, the team earned some of the calls – like some of the tripping calls and a cross-checking call to Backlund in the third. But was the roughing penalty really necessary?? It wasn’t roughing – did Backs even touch the guy?!

The interference call against Joe Colborne in the second period was a joke and a sad attempt to put Phoenix on the board. The unsportsmanlike conduct against T.J. Brodie made me wonder if the refs forgot their glasses. It’s BRODIE – the guy doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body! The Flames probably could have tied up the game with the pressure that they’re known to throw at the opposite team late in the third period and forced overtime, but the refs made sure that didn’t happen with their brutal calls and SMH-worthy penalties.

Yes, there were make-up calls on the Coyotes, but those weren’t a true testament to the game either. I hate watching games like this, even when the calls are against the opposing team, because it’s not a fair game for anyone. As a Flames fan for many years, I’ve learned to be objective after losing a few consecutive games, but only if there’s a breakdown of the team or some other logical reason for the loss. I do not agree with losing games because of something that is out of their control. All teams deserve better than to lose a game because of terrible officiating. I play fair and I believe in fair play.

I really hope the next game on Tuesday in Calgary leaves a better taste in my mouth because I’m still a little aggravated by the outcome of this last game. The Flames deserve a chance to prove their worth instead of being slammed against a brick wall of infractions.

There are some good referees out there, and I respect them. It’s just too bad they didn’t show up for the game on Saturday night.

Go Flames Go!