Throwback Thursday: The Day The Calgary Flames Made Me Cry


Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I grew up an Edmonton Oilers fan.  Really, how could I not have grown up an Oiler fan living in Edmonton? Going into the summer when I excitedly awaited the birthday where I reached double digits, the Edmonton Oilers had already won two Stanley Cups!

The year is 1986, I’m nine years old.  As much as a nine year old could love his team, that was me.  Without doing any research, I clearly remember the Oilers and Flames tied at deuces in the third period of that fateful Game 7 playoff game.

Why didn’t Grant Fuhr go straight back into his crease instead of taking the wide turn?  What the heck was Steve Smith thinking going up the middle with the clear out pass?  I “knew” the game was over at that point.  I would still agonize and writhe with every shot the Oilers took at Mike Vernon hoping for the best.  I “knew” the Oilers were doomed to lose that game.  As the game ended and the Oilers left the ice, I cried like I lost a beloved pet.

It is 28 years later.  The video still makes me mad.

I just watched the video for the first time with my two kids (who have never known me to be an Oilers fan), they are more focused on how bare the boards were at Rexall.

Here is a link to the CBC Digital Archive page where I found the video.  The link includes tidbits about the event such as:

"Although initially awarded to Calgary Flames veteran Lanny McDonald, Smith’s own goal was later credited to Flames centre Perry Berezan, who had been the last Calgary player to touch the puck."