Calgary Flames, Progression and Predictions for 2014-15

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Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Offensively the talk has been about the loss of Mike Cammalleri to the New Jersey Devils.  In theory, that’s 26 goals that the Calgary Flames have to account for, right?  Let me play into the doom and gloom so many people want to project about our Calgary Flames offense and suggest that Sean Monahan goes through the same sophomore slump that Jarome Iginla suffered through back in 1997-98.  Let’s suggest Monahan goes from 22 goals to 13 goals.  That puts our “in the offensive hole” total at 35 goals.

The Calgary Flames did sign free agent Mason Raymond who’s career average is 14 goals per season.  So now we are down to 21 goals.

The Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets swapped free agents in Devin Setoguchi and T.J. Gallardi.  Setoguchi averages 10 more goals per season than Gallardi.  Down to 11 goals.

Curtis Glencross has averaged  17.5 goals per season with the Calgary Flames.  The last two seasons have been shortened by lockout and by injury.  The two years leading into the lockout, Glencross scored 24 and 26 respectively.  With this season being (here are those magic words again) Glencross’ “contract year”, a return to 20 goals is almost expected.  Down to 3 goals.

Those last 3 goals will likely be accounted for by our defensive core but the problem is the Calgary Flames need more offensive output than last year, not just the same amount.

Enter Johnny Gaudreau.  I am firmly in the camp that believes “Johnny Hockey” will play 70+ games for our Calgary Flames and notch 20 goals.

Speaking of camps, I am also firmly in the camp that Sam Bennett will be returned to the Juniors after his 9 game audition with our Flames but not before notching a couple goals.  Be a shame to send him away without any souvenirs!