Calgary Flames History: Jarome Iginla Snubbed From NHL 100 List

The NHL unveiled the top 100 greatest players of all time. There were some obvious snubs in this list, including Calgary Flames fan favorite, Jarome Iginla.

I’m going to try my best to write this as calmly and civil as possible, but no promises. I’m a little angry and quite frustrated. The NHL just unveiled the 100 greatest players of all time. And on that list, Calgary Flames all-time lead in points and goals didn’t make the cut.

Jarome Iginla, who will always be my favorite player of all time, didn’t make this list. Now, this is leaving Calgary Flames twitter (and hockey twitter in general) very angry. Just six current active players made this list: Sidney Crosby, Jaromir Jagr, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, Alexander Ovechkin, and Jonathan Toews. Of course there were three players from the Chicago Blackhawks. What else should we expect.

I said I was going to try to be calm, but looks like that’s not happening.

There were also some other obvious snubs on that list: The Sedins, Joe Thornton, Evgeni Malkin, even some are saying Zdeno Chara.

And I’m sorry, but Duncan Keith? Not even making it over Jarome Iginla, but in general. In what world would Keith make this list over Iginla or over Thornton or over the Sedins. And I’m a Calgary Flames fan, so of course I have this deep hatred for the Vancouver Canucks, aka the Sedins. So you know this isn’t me just being biased.

Why Jarome Iginla is a major snub

Again, I know I might come off as biased because obviously I’m a Calgary Flames fan, but let’s look at the facts.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Colorado Avalanche

  • Jarome Iginla had 12 consecutive non-lockout-shortened 30-goal seasons. TWELVE. CONSECUTIVE. He became only the seventh player in NHL history to have it for that many consecutive seasons. Kane had 30 goals just twice in his career so far. Toews’ highest points in a season is just 76.
  • Iginla has 91 more career goals than both Kane and Toews combined.
  • Iginla became just the 20th player in NHL history to reach 600 goals. He’s now 16th in goals in players of all time. He’s just eight goals from being 15th overall.
  • He is second for all-time goals in players who are active (right after Jaromir Jagr, of course).
  • He’s third in active players for all-time points. Ahead of him is, again, Jagr and another snub, Joe Thornton.
  • In a league that is known as “the white man’s sport”, he was the first black player to be featured on the EA Sports NHL cover of NHL 03.
  • He was the first black-Canadian captain of any NHL team.
  • Played in six all-star games.
  • Has two Olympic gold medals.
  • Has won the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy twice in his career (leading goal scorer for that season).
  • Led his team to the cup finals in 2004 where he basically had the cup stolen from him (yes it was stolen. If you’re not still mad about 2004, are you really even a true Flames fan?).
  • Won the Art Ross Trophy once in his career (leading point scorer).

I would just like to know who came up with this list. Because apparently all of that isn’t enough to get your name on a list.

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I would also just like to add that I will never truly get over the fact that Flames current captain, Mark Giordano, and Flames old captain, Jarome Iginla, and old-time buddies, almost got into a fight. I just needed to mention that. Carry on.

Twitter reacts

You know the internet was going to be feeling some type of way about this. Let’s see how everyone felt about leaving Jarome Iginla off this list. And just about this list in general.

He may have been snubbed from the #NHL100 but Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla, you will always be number #1 in my heart.