Calgary Flames Monday Roundtable: Free Agency, This Past Week

NEWARK, NJ - MARCH 25: Eddie Lack
NEWARK, NJ - MARCH 25: Eddie Lack /
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NEWARK, NJ – MARCH 25: Eddie Lack
NEWARK, NJ – MARCH 25: Eddie Lack /

Question 1: Eddie Lack was acquired for basically nothing. Are you happy or not with this trade?

Jonathan Boulanger

Ecstatic. The Calgary Flames are all in and I could not be happier. A rock-hard defense, two solid proven goaltenders and a great forward core. A great time to be a Flames fan. Now, the only problem is those pesky oilers.

Ian Gustafson

I am happy with the Eddie Lack trade as it gives the Flames a reliable back up. Eddie Lack could be a starter on some teams if he was given the chance.

Alex Hoegler

I love the trade. I had the chance to follow Lack a ton during the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons with the Vancouver Canucks. He filled in nicely while the starters were injured. Lack is real calm and poised. He’s going to be a quality backup, especially with that loaded Flames defence in front of him.

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Tomas Oppolzer

I’m quite happy with it to be honest. He’s coming on a very cheap contract that can be easily buried in the AHL if he doesn’t work out. Also, prior to his time in Carolina, Lack was a quality goaltender in Vancouver. @GregBalloch on twitter has gone into more thoroughly, but Lack is a goalie that’s comfortable playing deeper in his crease, but when he was traded to CAR, they tried to make him play a more aggressive style like Cam Ward does. If Calgary lets him go back to the way he was comfortable playing, there’s no reason he can’t be at least a quality back-up for the Flames.

Dan Raicevich

If Eddie Lack can be the backup he was in Vancouver, then it is a home run for the Flames. If he looks like the player he was in Raleigh for the last two years, then he could find himself on waivers by January. I firmly think that this is a career defining year for Lack. An extremely poor year for the Swede and he could find himself without an NHL job next summer.

It is a gamble, but one worth taking.

Ramina Shlah

The Flames basically got Lack for almost nothing, so it was a good trade in my opinion. And his numbers in Carolina, while they weren’t the best, they also weren’t terrible for a backup goalie on a team like Carolina. I’m happy with this move and I’m glad this is the general consensus.