Calgary Flames: How Many Sunglasses Can Sam Bennett Buy?

CALGARY, AB - MARCH 27 2017: (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images)
CALGARY, AB - MARCH 27 2017: (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images) /

The title may be confusing. But with Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett’s new contract, let’s see how many sunglasses he can buy for $19.99, 75% off!

You may be thinking, “Wow, writing about sunglasses, Flame for Thought must be running out of ideas.” And truth is, we are. It’s the off-season, what do you expect? But that being said, the biggest anticipated signing for the Calgary Flames this off-season finally happened. The other day, the Calgary Flames finally re-signed RFA forward Sam Bennett to a two-year, $1.95 million AAV contract. We don’t have to worry about him missing training camp or preseason games.

But with this new amount of money, we need to wonder how many pairs of sunglasses he could afford.

This may sound confusing, let me give you a brief refresher. Back in December, Sam Bennett had this weird Twitter virus that tweeted to all of his followers letting them know about deals on sunglasses.

We actually did a whole “Twitter Reacts” about that moment that can be found here.

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With his new contract, let’s see just how many sunglasses he could afford. But before that, we’ve got to give credit for this idea to our good friend Leah Kessel, whom we interact with on a daily basis over on Twitter, for coming up with this idea.

But this led us thinking.

We have multiple aspects to consider.

  1. Post-tax earnings
  2. A percentage of his pay goes to his agent
  3. His pay is in USD and it gets converted to CAD since he lives in Calgary

And we have some questions to ask as well.

  1. Are the sunglasses in USD or CAD?
  2. Is it $19.99 after 75% off or do we need to take 75% off of $19.99?

Leah’s number of 97,548 sunglasses is $19.99 each that comes out to $1.95 million – how much he makes in a year. But let’s take off post-tax earnings.

According to Cap Friendly, Calgary has an estimated tax rate of 46.53%. Meaning after taxes, he will end up getting paid $1,042,685 USD. However, we have to remember that it’s in USD and he gets paid in CAD. So now, that $1.95 million becomes $2,368,119. After post-tax earnings, he’ll receive approximately $1,266,233 million.

Now he needs to pay his agent. According to The Hockey News, players pay their agents somewhere between 3-6%. However, so we don’t have four different numbers, let’s say it’s 4% for Sam Bennett. After his agent gets paid out, Bennett is left with approximately $1,215,583.

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Now we need to pose those two questions again that I asked earlier: Are the sunglasses in USD or CAD? And is it $19.99 after 75% off or 75% off of $19.99? For the sake of simplicity, let’s say it will be 75% off $19.99. Since when businesses generally have a sale, they’ll put the original price along with the percentage off.

Now, we’re not sure if these sunglasses prices are in USD or in CAD. Generally, they’re in USD. So we need to convert them to CAD. 75% off of $19.99 will be around $4.96. Let’s say it’s $4.99. Converting to CAD, they’ll end up being $6.06. Let’s say $6.05 to make it easier. Now, most online shops have a shipping fee, especially if it’s crossing the border. However, seeing how much we’ll be spending, let’s say the shipping fee is waived if spent over a certain amount, so let’s get rid of that.

Without taking into consideration his rent or food or car fees, if Sam Bennett were to spend all his money on $19.99 fashion sunglasses, 75% off, he could afford approximately 200,922 sunglasses a year. Which means over the next two years, he can buy 401,844 $19.99 fashion sunglasses, 75% off! That’s a lot of sunglasses.

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It should be a new rule that whenever a Calgary Flames player gets a hat trick, the fans throw sunglasses onto the ice. Hey, Bennett now has enough to give to almost every hockey fan in the city anyways.