Calgary Flames: All repercussions vs. Detroit Red Wings

DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 15: Matthew Tkachuk
DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 15: Matthew Tkachuk /

After a line brawl late in a game with the Calgary Flames and the Detroit Red Wings, here are all the repercussions the players faced.

After what seemed to be quite the line brawl late in the game on Wednesday evening with the Calgary Flames and Detroit Red Wings, we now know all the repercussions that players have faced.

Initially, everyone was expecting Luke Witkowski to get a 10-game suspension for coming back out on the ice after he was ordered to the locker room, based on rule 70.6 in the NHL rulebook.

Via NHL:

"70.6 Game Misconduct Penalty – A game misconduct penalty shall beimposed on the player who was the first or second player to leave theplayers’ or penalty bench during an altercation or for the purpose ofstarting an altercation, from either or both teams.[…]Any player who has been ordered to the dressing room by theofficials and returns to his bench or to the ice surface for any reasonbefore the appropriate time shall be assessed a game misconduct andshall be suspended automatically without pay for the next ten (10)regular League and/or Play-off games.[…]"

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I’ve bolded what applies to him, but that warrants an automatic 10-game suspension. And he received that yesterday. It was also called mentioned that Matthew Tkachuk would be having a phone hearing earlier today with NHL Department of Player Safety for his “spear” on Witkowski.

I’ve already mentioned that I could see both sides, also based on what the rulebook says.

Via NHL:

"62.1 Spearing – Spearing shall mean stabbing an opponent with the pointof the stick blade, whether contact is made or not."

While it wasn’t so much of a stab, again, I’m trying to see both sides. But head coach Glen Gulutzan doesn’t quite agree with the call made.

Those were the only two players who seemed like they may get repercussions. Witkowski didn’t get anything further for somewhat slamming Brett Kulak onto the ice as he’s already down with his helmet off. And Micheal Ferland, Travis Hamonic, and Anthony Mantha both didn’t get anything further as well, which seems right.

However, after an overhead view of the fight was released, many Flames fans on Twitter were somewhat frustrated that Tkachuk got a hearing for that top on Witkowski, but Mantha got nothing for this:

Calgary Flames fans were prepared to go crazy if that warranted a suspension and Mantha received nothing.

Then after Sportsnet’s John Shannon released a Tweet saying the phone hearing was over, and then after us waiting three hours before knowing what the final verdict was (very funny, John). We now know Tkachuk’s fate. You’re not going to like this, Flames fans.

He’s officially been suspended one game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Here’s what I think: If the DoPS want to have a hearing with Tkachuk for a light tap on the leg, fine. If they want to suspend him, fine again. But if you’re going to crack down on stuff like that, at least have hearings and/or fines/suspensions for other things that took place. There was no hearing for Witkowski slamming Kulak into the ice without his helmet on. There was no hearing on Mantha for continuing to punch and beat Hamonic as he’s on top of him. This is my issue. Some are even arguing about Sam Bennett trying to swing his stick at a player. That also had no hearings.

I’m not here to defend Tkachuk, we know he already has a reputation.

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But you can’t pick and choose what to crack down on. Calgary Flames Twitter is sure going to be fun to go through now…