Calgary Flames: Landeskog suspended for crosscheck on Tkachuk

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 25: Gabriel Landeskog
DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 25: Gabriel Landeskog /

In a 3-2 win over the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday evening, Calgary Flames sophomore Matthew Tkachuk took a crosscheck to the face from their captain.

After losing two in a row, the Calgary Flames finally got one back on Saturday evening with a 3-2 win over the Colorado Avalanche. And things got a little chippy out there. Especially in the first period when Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog cross-checked Matthew Tkachuk in the face.

Landeskog ended up receiving a cross-check penalty for the play. Later, he had a hearing with NHL Department of Player Safety and it was revealed this morning that he had received a four-game suspension. Landeskog has been suspended twice before, and once for a similar infraction.

Here is the official statement from Player Safety in their video review of the situation.


"The puck was still in contention behind the net while Tkachuk makes a play for it. Landeskog pushes Tkachuk to the area directly behind the net in an attempt to isolate him from the play and neutralize a scoring threat. Landeskog then crosschecks Tkachuk in the ribs pushing him into the back of the net. With Tkachuk now off balance and the puck taken from the goal area, Landeskog delivers a second more forceful blow, this time to the neck and head of Tkachuk. This is cross-checking.While we accept the argument that this act was neither targeted nor retaliatory in nature, Landeskog is in control of this battle and is responsible for his own stick. The position of Tkachuk’s head and body does not change in any significant manner prior to the blow and at no point is Tkachuk posturing to exchange cross-checks as often happens during a game. Instead he is off balance and bent over when Landeskog recklessly and forcefully cross-checks his opponent in the head."

It could have been less than four games, but NDoPS also made note that Landeskog had been suspended for something similar in March of 2016. And while they don’t believe him to be a repeat offender, he was suspended three games for that previous incident and found it appropriate to suspend him four games for this incident.

For this suspension, opinions seemed somewhat divided. Many Avs fans were accepting that this is a reasonable suspension for this dangerous play. But of course, there were others who weren’t happy about it because other players have been getting away with dangerous plays as well. And I definitely see that frustration as well.

But then we have other people who thought there shouldn’t have been a suspension simply because they don’t like Matthew Tkachuk. Which is fair, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Looks like the Avs will be without their captain for four games and Calgary Flames pest, Matthew Tkachuk, will continue to draw penalties (and now suspensions).