Calgary Flames: Sean Monahan is the definition of clutch

MONTREAL, QC - DECEMBER 7 2017: (Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images)
MONTREAL, QC - DECEMBER 7 2017: (Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images) /

Calgary Flames first line centre Sean Monahan hasn’t quite been dubbed as a first-line centre in the NHL. But he’s developing into a great one.

I’m not a big fan of the word “clutch”, but Sean Monahan is as clutch as they come. If you looked in the dictionary at the word “clutch”, it would just be a picture of Monahan’s face. The Calgary Flames sixth overall pick in 2013 has proven to not only be one of the best players from his draft class but one of the best centres in today’s game.

We talked about how Monahan is underrated a couple weeks ago, but he continues to impress us that we can never stop talking about him. From everyone in his draft class, he leads all players with 124 goals in 348 games. Second place goes to first overall pick in 2013 with Nathan Mackinnon. With 39 fewer goals. When we talked about him being underrated, we mainly compared him with quite a few players, but today, let’s mainly focus on him.

With an A on his jersey, he’s also proving to be a leader in the group. And I hate to say it, but when Mark Giordano leaves the Flames/ gets traded/retires etc. within a matter of years, Monahan will most likely get captaincy. And for great reasons. He’s shaping up to be one of the best goal-scorers in Calgary Flames history. And a clutch one at that.

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He has 25 game-winning goals in his career. That’s tied with Lanny McDonald and Kent Nilsson in 7th place in franchise history. But Monny’s only 23 years old and hasn’t even reached his prime yet. He’s at six GWG this season which leads the team this season and is tied for first in the league. He has nine OT goals which still leads the franchise. Last year, he surpassed Jarome Iginla’s record when he reached eight OT goals. Oh, and there’s also this:

Since the start of the 2013-14 season, Monahan’s first NHL season, his 25 GWG is tied for sixth in the league. And he’s up there with some of the best goal scorers and “clutch” players in today’s game (don’t worry, I cringe every time I say clutch, too”. Players like Alex Ovechkin, Max Pacioretty, and Tyler Seguin. His nine OT goals since the start of his career is the most out of any player since 2013-14. His career high for GWG in a season is eight and he’ll most likely surpass that this year.

He’s also projected at getting his first ever 40-goal season and is even close to the 50-goal mark. His career high in a season is 31. He’s already more than halfway there in just 29 games so far. Not only is Monahan shooting more this season, but he’s also becoming a more accurate shooter. His avg. shooting percentage not including his season is at 14.7%. This season, he’s at 20.5%. And even when his shots don’t go in, he’s creating more chances than he ever has.

(All these stats are at 5v5).

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But 5v5 isn’t the only thing that matters the most for Monahan. He’s an excellent player in OT so let’s take a look at his stats this season just at even-strength.


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Not only does Monahan create high-danger chances, but the team does as well when he’s on the ice. If the Calgary Flames are down by a goal or are in OT, it seems like the strategy is a simple two-step process:

  1. Get Monahan on the ice
  2. Pass him the puck