Calgary Flames: Highlights of Jaromir Jagr as a Flame

CALGARY, AB - OCTOBER 7: Jaromir Jagr
CALGARY, AB - OCTOBER 7: Jaromir Jagr /

The Calgary Flames are saying farewell to the legend Jaromir Jagr. Let’s look at some of his highlights as a Calgary Flame.

It’s a sad day for Calgary Flames fans. The team has officially said adieu to 45-year old legend, Jaromir Jagr. They placed him on waivers, which was a mutual decision between the club and Jagr. Then when he cleared, as we all expected, the Flames assigned him to Kladno in the Czech Republic. A team his dad is the president of and of which Jagr is a part owner.

Now, he could still play for the Flames since they did assign him somewhere. If the Flames were to make the playoffs, they could always recall him back if both parties agree. But that most likely won’t happen.

A girl can dream, right?

Since he’s now leaving us aka my heart is shattered, let’s look back at his highlights here in Calgary. Our friend Nadia Archuletta over at Mile High Sticking wrote a farewell to Jagr as well and we both shared different emotional sports stories together. Sports fan solidarity.

But for today, I’m going to look at just his highlights here in Calgary. Albeit, it isn’t a whole lot since, well, he only played 22 games here. But we’ve got a few. First, let’s start before the Flames even signed him and he played some jokes on himself.

The Signing

Then we’ve got the actual signing that happened and Flames fans were excited. And were making some jokes on Twitter too.


Jagr skates with Flames for first time

Since Jagr signed a contract late, he got into Calgary as the Flames were already in Edmonton for the season-opener. When he joined practice for the first time, it was an exciting moment for everyone.

Then, during the home-opener, while Jagr didn’t play, he still had a surprise for some of his biggest fans. The Travelling Jagrs, who are a group that wear mullets and each member has a different Jagr jersey, are originally from Calgary and live around the area. So it’s fitting that Jagr joined Calgary. They were doing an interview with Flames TV and got a special surprise.

At the Calgary Flames home-opener, like I said, he didn’t play, but during player intros, he got one of the loudest cheers in the building.

(Skip to the 4:45 mark).

In Jagr’s first game with the Flames, they won in OT to the LA Kings. While he didn’t get any points, he was still a good luck charm, clearly. And we all know he’s not as fast as he once was, but it’s ok. He still helped in other ways.

Jagr’s first point and goal as a Flame

Jagr’s first point as a Flame came on an assist to a goal by Johnny Gaudreau on the powerplay.

His first goal came on a nice breakaway between him and Johnny Gaudreau again.

That was also Jagr’s lone goal of the season, so if we’ve seen the last of him this season, that may also be his final NHL goal. Pretty cool for Gaudreau to tell his grandkids someday that he assisted on Jaromir Jagr’s last NHL goal.

Somebody did us all a favour and put Jagr’s first and last NHL goals side by side.

He also assisted on Mark Jankowski‘s first NHL goal. Another cool feat for Janko.

This actually came on the same day that Jagr scored his first goal as a Flame.

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It’s been a fun one having Jaromir Jagr join the Calgary Flames family. The minute he announces his retirement from the NHL, I’m expecting him to also get inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame right then and there.