Calgary Flames’ upcoming six games extremely crucial

CALGARY, AB - MARCH 13: Johnny Gaudreau
CALGARY, AB - MARCH 13: Johnny Gaudreau /

With the Calgary Flames playing a majority of their remaining games against Pacific Division teams, these next six are extremely crucial.

Calgary Flames fans have been intently scoreboard watching for the last few weeks. It’s not always ideal, but we’ll have to make do. The Flames have 11 games remaining in their season and they basically have to win nine or 10 of them to make the playoffs. I’d say it could be about seven or eight, but since the Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings are in full tank mode right now and are playing some of the Flames’ opponents these next few games, the Flames need to win more.

It also doesn’t help that the Edmonton Oilers can’t do anything right and keep losing to the Flames’ opponents too. It’s like they remember that they’d be helping the Flames out if they win so they purposely lose.

In the next six games, the Flames play the San Jose Sharks twice, the Anaheim Ducks, the LA Kings, the Vegas Golden Knights, and the Arizona Coyotes. The games against the Sharks, Ducks, and Kings will be the most crucial. The Flames absolutely need to win in regulation for those games.

Right now, the Sharks are in the second Pacific Division spot with 85 points in 70 games. Behind them are the LA Kings in third place with 82 points in 70 games. The Ducks and the Flames both sit out of a playoff spot right now. The Ducks with 82 points in 71 games and the Flames with 80 points in 71 games. While the Flames don’t play the Dallas Stars or the Colorado Avalanche anymore, those are also two teams to keep a close watch on.

If the Calgary Flames lose two of these six games against the Kings and the Ducks, I’d say their season is done for. But there is still a chance. And while a 1-0 win against the Oilers isn’t what would typically spark a team, I think that will be what gives the Flames a big boost of confidence. Add that on top of Kris Versteeg getting activated off of IR, the team has everything they need to go on a great run.

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Let’s just hope the return of Versteeg isn’t too late.