Calgary Flames announce 2018-19 season schedule

CALGARY, AB - APRIL 7 2018:(Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images)
CALGARY, AB - APRIL 7 2018:(Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images) /

All the NHL teams announced their 2018-19 schedules today. Let’s check out what the Calgary Flames’ looks like.

With all the NHL teams announcing their 2018-19 schedule, it makes the season feel much closer than it actually is. Which is somewhat of a cruel joke by the NHL because there’s still over three months. But nonetheless, the Calgary Flames announced their season schedule, let’s check out what it looks like.

They’ll again start their season elsewhere as they play a part in the Vancouver Canucks‘ home-opener on October 3rd. And like our friends over at FanSided said, a home-opener so nice, they did it twice. The Flames second game of the season will be their home-opener on a Saturday, again, against the Canucks on October 6th.

At least the Flames won’t play the Edmonton Oilers for their home-opener so they may actually have a chance at winning. And we all know what happened in the Canucks’ home-opener two seasons ago against the Flames.

What’s worse is that that was also Loui Eriksson‘s home-opener for the Canucks. Ouch.

The Flames play in three home-openers this season: In the Canucks’, their own, and the Nashville Predators’ on October 9th.

The Calgary Flames will play their final game of the regular season on April 6th at home against the Edmonton Oilers. Hopefully it’ll be as good as their final game this past season. Their five final games will be against Pacific Division teams. They’ll play four games against each team in their division, except for the Canucks in which they’ll play five games.

They used to play five games each, but with the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights, it makes that slightly difficult.

The Flames’ longest road trip will be four games, which they’ll do twice. This will be much easier on the team seeing how they had two sets of six-game road trips last season. We have yet to see ESPN’s mileage tracker for each team on how far they have to travel. In the last couple of seasons, the Flames had the second-highest amount of travel among all the NHL teams.

Normally, I’d mention the first time the Flames head to the Honda Center. But since they broke that curse, we don’t need to focus on that anymore!

(It’s November 7th).

The full schedule can be found here.

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