Calgary Flames: Could Michael Stone be going to Ottawa?

Could the end of Michael Stone with the Calgary Flames be on the horizon? Elliotte Friedman seems to think he’s heading East.

Oh, draft day. If nothing else it at least brings a bunch of stress and anxiety in fans. Even if rumours have no backbone to them. In this case, it involves Calgary Flames defenceman Michael Stone.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman has said that the Ottawa Senators are interested in Michael Stone.

The Senators need a RHD and it’s no secret that they have problems in their locker room. Bringing in a player’s brother may keep that player happy and willing to stay in Ottawa. And in this case, it’s Mark Stone. I mean, I personally would love to see a Mark Stone for Michael Stone trade, not only because I like Mark as a player, but if nothing else for the drama. Give me that brother-for-brother trade drama.

But is a Stone trade even feasible?

While it’s quite well known that Flames fans would love for Michael Stone to be gone, it’s unlikely he’ll be traded. I mean, to be fair, Pierre Dorion isn’t known for making the smartest of trades, so it could very well happen with Ottawa.

But Stone has a 15-team no-trade list. Who those teams are isn’t known right now. And Ottawa could be on there. However, since his brother does play on that team, it may not be on the list. But again, there’s no way we could know.

Another issue is that Stone’s AAV is $3.5 million. That’s quite steep for a third-pairing defenceman and, when exhausted all other options, can act as a second-pairing. It doesn’t seem likely that teams are jumping for a player of that price and calibre. But like I mentioned, Dorion isn’t known for making great trades. For Ottawa, he would most likely be on a second pairing anyways.

Could Stone be heading East or is Elliotte just basically talking out of his butt? Well, I guess we won’t know until later tonight at the earliest.