Calgary Flames Daily: Another comeback win thanks to Big Save Dave

The Calgary Flames had yet another third-period comeback win last night against the Edmonton Oilers with some help from David Rittich.

Big Save Dave! Big Save Dave! In a Battle of Alberta showdown last night, the Calgary Flames found themselves down 2-0 early in the second period, but made it 2-1 heading into the final frame. As we know, the Flames for some reason have some sort of third-period magic and found themselves dominating the final frame to win this one 4-2.

A player to thanks is David Rittich, who stopped every shot at 5on5. He let in one shorthanded breakaway goal and one powerplay goal from Connor McDavid, but which goaltender can stop a powerplay goal by McDavid? It just seems unfair. The good news is that neither goals were low-danger shots and he was incredible all night (looking at you, Mike Smith).

Just minutes ago, Bill Peters has confirmed that Rittich will also get the start against the Vegas Golden Knights on Monday evening. As he should.

Via Calgary Sun:

“It’s my job,” shrugged Rittich, now 6-1 in seven starts this season and owner of a splendid .933 save percentage. “It’s a great feeling, but that’s why I’m in the net, making saves.”

Rittich was on After Hours last night on HNIC where he finally learned of his nickname “Big Save Dave” coined by our friends over at Flames Nation. An to that, he answered “I have no clue if someone would call me like that.” Maybe he doesn’t quite get the reference.

However, all this goaltending talk does lead to the debate for if the Calgary Flames should target a goaltender since Mike Smith won’t exactly cut it this year. And if they were to target one, who would it be?

Some have seemed to think a great option for this Flames team is Sergei Bobrovsky, however, after talking a bit with our friends over a Union and Blue, Bob is asking for almost Carey Price money. And with Matthew Tkachuk and Sam Bennett both needed extensions this season, Tkachuk probably close to the $7 million mark, they wouldn’t be able to afford a goaltender like Bobrovsky.

Which leads to the following question: Can all they afford is mediocre goaltending?

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