Calgary Flames: How things have changed – Pacific Division

The NHL took a complete 180 in terms of their division. Right now, it seems like the Pacific Division, where the Calgary Flames sit atop of, are the best division.

When the NHL season first started, one thing was clear: The Pacific Division was garbage. And that’s why the Calgary Flames seemed so successful at first. They were top of the division because, quite frankly, the rest of the division was bad. That’s also the reason the Vancouver Canucks were in it for a few weeks (before falling out).

At that point as well in early November, analysts and the guys over at Sportsnet had already deemed that there would only be three teams from the Pacific Division making the playoffs. They said that they couldn’t see this division deep enough to have any teams making the wildcard spot and it looked like this season, it would be three Pacific teams and five Central teams.

Well, things have definitely changed.

Right now, three of the top five teams in the standings come from the Pacific Division. The Flames, who sit in second place, the Vegas Golden Knights, and the San Jose Sharks. The cut off for third place is the highest in the Pacific Division as well at 57 points. The other three divisions are 54, 51, and 50.

There is a team from the Central and one from the Pacific who are each in a wildcard spot currently, and I can see that happening at the end of the season as well. Unless the Minnesota Wild takeoff and the Anaheim Ducks fall back, it will most likely be four from each division in the playoffs. Meaning the Flames have a high chance of facing the Ducks in the playoffs (*starts crying*).

It’s nice how things change. First, with the divisions, and now, the Flames actually sitting somewhat comfortably. Normally, if the Flames are at the top of the division, that only lasts maybe a couple of weeks. But they’ve been at the top of the Pacific for almost two months now and have been at the top of the Western Conference for about a month. It doesn’t seem like it’s just a fluke.

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Maybe the Calgary Flames are actually good.