Calgary Flames: Mark Giordano All-Star snub is a blessing

The Calgary Flames already could have had Mark Giordano attending the All-Star Game with the “Last Men In” vote, but he didn’t make it. But it’s actually a blessing.

The Calgary Flames already had Johnny Gaudreau attending his fifth All-Star Game. Something new that the NHL did this season was the “Last Men In” event, where fans can vote for one more player in each division to make it to the game.

The players and fans of the Flames were all trying to get captain Mark Giordano to join Gaudreau and Bill Peters. However, Leon Draisaitl won the last man in contest for the Pacific Division. Meaning that the Edmonton Oilers, the fifth-place team in the division, have two players attending the All-Star game while the first place Pacific team and the second best team in the NHL will only have one.

I mean, Peters doesn’t count since he wasn’t voted in and it was based on which teams had the highest points-percentage before the New Year.

While fans were a little upset at first and thought it was a clear snub, along with Morgan Rielly of the Toronto Maple Leafs, it’s actually a great blessing. Giordano is having the best season of his career while averaging a point per game and is third in scoring among defencemen (check this). He is a clear Norris candidate, so of course, him not even attending the All-Star game is a clear snub.


This is actually a blessing and I’m honestly a little relieved. While Giordano still has so much skill and speed, not just or a defender but for a 35-year-old in that, he’s still 35 years old. And it was around this time that he suffered an injury in 2014-15 when he was on route to have the best season of his career. While he still had his best season at that point, even with a shortened season, it could have been even better.

Giving him, along with the rest of the Calgary Flames besides Gaudreau, this short break is much needed and much deserved. While it’d be fun for him to join Gaudreau and act as his father figure there since Gaudreau clearly needs it, this is much better in the long run.

I’m just worried about Gaudreau and wondering who’s going to look after him.