Calgary Flames: Sam Bennett shaves his Lanny-esque moustache

It’s a sad day. Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett has shaved his moustache, the one that resembled Lanny McDonald’s iconic moustache.

Let’s all take a moment of silence. Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett has officially shaved off his moustache. This was an important moustache. It’s the closest we’ve had to Lanny McDonald‘s iconic stache. Of course, nothing could ever truly compare to Lanny’s, but it was still impressive nonetheless. So impressive that Lanny himself commented on it.

Via Calgary Flames:

“I think it looks great,” says Lanny. “This is a helluva starter kit he has going here.”

“I have the jump on him in one part, yes, I’ve got years of practice, but his is still red. Mine – unfortunately the red’s gone south and now it’s just white.”

“He’s got to start turning it out every day. Let it grow and it’ll drive him crazy because it’s going to get into his mouth and in his food until you actually train it to kind of turn out.”

Well, Lanny was right about that. It did drive him crazy. So much that he shaved it off, leaving everyone disappointed.

About a month ago, Bennett posted on his Instagram story asking fans if he should shave his moustache, and almost 90% of people said no. So he left it. But during the bye week, he apparently couldn’t stand it anymore and shaved it.

There was some speculation he shaved it a few days ago when the Flames posted a picture of his stache talking about how only a few days until the stache is back and he left a comment on it.

Finally, during the game against the Washington Capitals, it was obvious he shaved it. Apparently, he shaved it right after the final game before the bye week. Again, he apparently couldn’t stand it. Looks like he needed those pointers from Lanny, hey?

I am officially blaming the loss on him shaving his stache, which is quite opposite to the way I felt about his beard last season (the Calgary Flames did worse when Bennett had his gross beard). If the Flames do poorly from here on out until the end of the regular season, I’m blaming it on him shaving.

He said that he might grow it out again. If the Flames start performing badly, he might just have to do that to revive the team. There is truly no other way.