Three positives from win over Panthers that bode well for Flames

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There were bundles of positive takeaways from the 5-1 win over the Florida Panthers on Tuesday, three of which in particular bode well for the Flames. 

It was like watching the Flames rise from an extended slumber. Not quite long enough to be considered a hibernation, but certainly too long to have anyone mistake it for a nap. The Flames didn’t awaken from their comatose like most would. There was nothing sluggish, slow or sloth-like about this awakening.

It was as if the Flames had been injected with a copious amount of adrenaline prior to puck drop on what was arguably the club’s most important game of the season. A fifth consecutive loss and second in two weeks to the Panthers would have been received about as well as the latest stadium failure in the Stampede city.

There was no way the Flames were going to let that happen, as they engineered their most complete, well-rounded 60 minutes since November. Here’s three positives from the emphatic display that will bode well for Calgary in the coming weeks.

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