Calgary Flames first-round draft pick position confirmed

Calgary Flames, NHL Draft
Calgary Flames, NHL Draft / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The Calgary Flames overall had a poor 2023-24 season, but with a top draft pick in the 2024 NHL Draft, it may all have been worth it. On Tuesday, the team officially learned their fate in the 2024 NHL Draft lottery, as they headed into the event with a 5% chance at landing the No. 1 overall pick.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, that didn’t happen, as the NHL confirmed the Flames will pick at No. 9 in the upcoming draft, giving them a great opportunity to land a potentially franchise changing talent. Sure, it’s not going to be Boston University’s Macklin Celebrini, but that doesn’t mean the Flames won’t land a huge piece of their future in the coming months.

After Samuel Honzek in the first round a season ago, the Flames are expected to have a shot at Tij Iginla, Berkeley Catton, Carter Yakemchuk, Sam Dickinson and other top names as they look to continue the positive strides that they’ve made in the Craig Conroy era. On top of that, they own Vancouver’s first-round pick this year, which will come late in round, but for now, all we can do is hope the chips fall in the Flames favour.