Calgary Flames reveal roster for upcoming Development Camp

Matt Coronato, Calgary Flames
Matt Coronato, Calgary Flames / Derek Leung/GettyImages

Craig Conroy and the Calgary Flames scouting department recently pulled off what many believe to be one of the best drafts in franchise history, and now, the organization has renewed optimism in the future of the franchise. There's still a long way to go, but comparing the team's future now to what it looked like 18 months ago, it's a night and day difference, giving fans a glimpse into the teams clear plan moving forward.

Now, fans will have a chance to get a clear glimpse into that future, as they have officially announced the roster for their 2024 development camp, featuring some big name Flames prospects to be in action.

After years of having mediocre depth in the organization, the Flames now boast one of the best prospect groups in the entire NHL, and this development camp roster is a perfect example of that. The roster boasts potential star forwards in Andrew Basha, Aydar Suniev, Jacob Battaglia, Parker Bell, Sam Honzek, Jaden Lipinski, Matvei Gridin, Luke Misa and Matt Coronato, who will be looking to establish himself as an NHL regular in 2024/25.

Defensively is where this group shines however, with top pick Zayne Parekh leading the way alongside Hunter Brzustewicz, Etienne Morin, Henry Mews and Artem Grushnikov, as well as the older brother of Parekh, Isa, who was announced as a Flames invite before the team took to the podium in round one of the 2024 NHL Draft.

The goaltending group isn't as strong as it once was without Dustin Wolf, with Connor Murphy and the intriguing Yegor Yegorov as the two names to watch for Flames fans throughout development camp. After Craig Conroy's first trade deadline and full NHL Draft, the cupboard has been completely restocked, and if the talent in this current group can develop the way the team hope, we may be looking at the nucleus of a talented NHL roster in the coming future.