Calgary Flames select Zayne Parekh in the 2024 NHL Draft

Zayne Parekh, Calgary Flames
Zayne Parekh, Calgary Flames / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The start of the 2024 NHL Draft was just as unpredictable as expected, and with the Calgary Flames heading to the podium, there was plenty of talent left on the board. There were names such as Zeev Buium, Anton Silayev, Sam Dickinson and others still available, but Craig Conroy officially announced the pick as Saginaw Spirit defenseman Zayne Parekh.

The 18-year old may have questions defensively, but as an offensive force, there's few players more talented than Parekh, who put together an incredible season in 2023-24, winning the CHL's Defenseman of the Year Award. In 66 games played, Parekh tallied an incredible 33 goals and 63 assists, leading the league in scoring for defenseman with absolute stunning highlights that should make Flames fans incredibly excited.

On the high end, the comparables for Parekh are the likes of Quin Hughes, and if the Flames can develop him and find an offensive creator on the blue line to pair with prospects like Hunter Brzustewicz and Jeremie Poirier, with the future looking incredibly bright.